Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What AW 18650 Brands Are Available

Electronics are items we fancy much. Not only do we like them because of their look, but because of their significance in our daily lives. Electronic firms have thrived in number and growth size due to the ever-increasing demand for their products. Electronics have many components including various chemical contents. This is the platform for their numerous codes. Among them are the AW 18650 electronics.
A major brand in this series is the AW 18650 batteries. The AW 2900 mAh 18650 is a rechargeable battery with PCB that comes with other items that include a protected rechargeable kit with two 2400 mAh batteries. The Ultrafire 18650 XSL 2600 mAh battery has a nice protected top with a rechargeable Lithium battery Li-Ion. This brand is relatively cheaper than others.
AW 18650 batteries come in different packages. The Fenix TA21 Level 225 Lumen has its unique feature of a tactical LED flashlight. It can serve a dual purpose. These series also include a laptop battery for a number of Acer brands. These brands are in line with the Ferrari Model. It is very durable depending on the level of usage by the consumer and the chemical components it contains.
Other AW 18650 items include battery holders and chargers. They are often essential because they support the main item.
What most people would consider when looking for electronics would include:
·         Size
·         Cost
·         Compatibility
·         Safety
·         Durability
·         Ease of use
Cheap is often expensive. Consumers prefer buying cheaper electronics as compared to the more costly ones. However, the expensive batteries, chargers and battery holders of the AW 18650 model have more features that suit the user’s needs accordingly. They are more durable, command superb quality and work effectively.
The most unique component of the AW 18650 batteries is that most of them have lithium ion. This is a chemical component with several advantages:
·         There is a wide variety of sizes and shapes from which to select the one that suits the user’s needs.
·         The components are environmentally friendly because there is no free lithium metal in them.
·         Lithium batteries have a self discharge rate of 5-10% per month. They are thus more durable.
·         No memory effect on the electronic gadget in question.
·         They are much lighter than other equivalent secondary storage batteries.
·         They have a high open circuit voltage when compared to other aqueous batteries. This means they can transfer more power at a relatively lower current.
AW 18650 electronic brands are easy to use. Manufacturers prepare safety and operational instructions which give the user easy time.
The technical details of a Ferrari Acer battery of the AW 18650 brands include:
·         A voltage of 11.10 and a Capacity of 5200 mAh
·         Battery type: Lithium ion
·         Color: Black
·         Product type: Replacement battery, a new brand
·         Weight: 553.60g
·         Dimensions: 203.80 x 48.90 x 21.30 mm
The features are almost the same. The difference comes because of chemical components, the product type and the resistance to power.
What you Need to Know
Prices of good electronics are slightly higher and more competitive. It is better to make a onetime investment purchase once and for all than to make several trips to the shop to get the right thing. A new AW 18650 branded product should come with 1 year warranty.
You might want to really look at all the information that is available to you about the AW 18650 batteries before making a crucial decision to purchase. They have a mark of quality which proofs that it is an original product. You may also want to find out what customers have been saying about the products. There are many reviews of most of the 18650 brands so you have to know what to look for, most times the negativities can make you think twice but look for the positives as well.  

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