Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Li-Ion Batteries In Comparison To Alkaline Batteries

There was a time when there was no concept of being able to move electronic devices from one place to another. However, ever since the introduction of batteries, the portability of many devices has increased to a greater extent. Take the example of telecommunications. With the introduction of cell phones and their increased portability, communication has become so much easier. And to a greater extent, that evolution has been accredited to the fact that cell phones come with a rechargeable battery that makes their portability much easier. With batteries becoming rechargeable and smaller, the devices have become easier to carry and maneuver.
When it comes to rechargeable batteries, there are a few types that are available to people. Among these, the most in-demand batteries are Lithium-ion or Li-ion batteries and the alkaline batteries. Since the two have been in equal demand on sites such as amazon.com where many of their brands are on the bestsellers’ list, it is imperative to know how they differ from each other. Moreover, it will also help in determining which one is better than the other.
Li-ion 18650 batteries
The Li-ion 18650 batteries are considered to be one of the best options in terms of rechargeable batteries. Their usage is in many electronic devices and with their growing popularity; people are now showing more interest in learning about the best rated Li-ion 18650 batteries. Four types of this battery have been produced. These include:
-          18650 cylindrical (small) – With its solid body and sans terminal, this Li-ion battery does not have any terminals. Its usage is mostly found in electronic devices such as 18650 flashlight, some models of cell phone, laptops and digital cameras. Rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 batteries, AW 18650 battery and Tenergy batteries are some of its popular brands.
-          18650 cylindrical (big) – Comprising a firm body, this type of Li-ion batteries have big terminals that are wired. Mostly it is found in the brands that are imported from China.
-          18650 pouch – It has a softer body and a flat surface, with its usage mostly found in cell phones. Most popular brands include Sanyo, LG and Sony.
-          Prismatic – Much like the large cylindrical batteries, these too have wired terminals. It comprises a relatively soft case.
Besides their ability to be charged over and over again, Li-ion batteries also offer a lot of other benefits. Their easy availability in different sizes and shapes makes them flexible to be used in a variety of devices. They are lighter in weight and discharge less fluid than other batteries. Additionally, their usage is found to be safe for the environment.
Alkaline battery:
Although they initially came with no option to recharge them, the alkaline batteries now also come with the option of recharging them. They are known to retain the charged energy for a long time.
They have a huge disadvantage, however, due to the increased resistance internally, reducing the life of the gadget they are used in. In gadgets which need higher current to start, these batteries normally encounter failure. In its rechargeable form, it is worse in performing than the conventional alkaline battery that was introduced initially.
Li-ion 18650 Is A Better Choice
It is easy to conclude from the descriptions above that although alkaline batteries introduced their rechargeable version following the cue of Li-ion 18650 batteries, they just failed in the attempt. Before making the purchase of even the best rated Li-ion 18650 batteries, it is important to determine the purpose you need them for. A person who wants to buy them should always choose the one with self-discharge. The best rated Li-ion 18650 batteries may cost a bit more, but they also come with assurance of much higher performance than any other battery.
Many Li-ion 18650 brands are available in the market and online, including rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 batteries, LG, AW 18650 battery and Tenergy. The best rated Li-ion 18650 batteries in the U.S. currently are:
1.      Tenergy – They are given five-star ratings by the users on amazon.com due to their ability to gain completely positive reviews. Customers have shown appreciation that it does not overheat too fast and is very device-friendly.
2.      Obtronic – Another one to gain full points, it is the best in terms of energy density.
3.      LG - With their amazing energy density and for optimum electrode result, these were also able to garner five-star appreciation from the customers. They are used in 18650 flashlight, video camera and mp3 player.

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