Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Choosing a 18650 Battery Charger

Why would anyone want to buy a 18650 battery charger? Well, since you have batteries with 18650 cells you might want to get a 18650 battery charger. Maybe you do not have these batteries, but would like to get them because you heard that they are an improvement of the older 18650 batteries. In that case you will get the best deal on Amazon if you buy them in a combo with a 18650 battery charger. There are many companies which have these offers like Tenergy, UltraFire, Titan Brand and many more.
Why Would I Buy a Charger From a Specific Company?
Well the beauty of it is that there are many chargers available out there. Some are specifically designed and compatible with only one kind of battery, but others are universal. Whatever is the case, you are buying a completely anonymous brand on your own responsibility. With a good brand like Tenergy or UltraFire, you know that you are buying quality. Anonymous brands which cost less than two dollars may seem appealing, but you should rather spend some more money and get some batteries in the deal as well.
The best companies which offer standard 18650 cell batteries are:
-          Tenergy
-          UltraFire
-          Titan Brand
There are more companies. Panasonic is also very popular since they originally created the 18650 cell technology, but they usually create only batteries for their product lines. If you need regular cylindrical batteries, you should look for them with other respectable manufacturers like the ones mentioned above.
Why Can't I use My Older Battery Charger for 18650 Batteries?
You need a 18650 battery charger to correctly charge these batteries. There are a lot of technical reasons, but, in essence, the construction materials are different for different battery types. You need different currents and everything else to charge 18650 batteries correctly. Some Li-Ion chargers will specify that they are for a particular type of battery cell and you should look for compatibility issues when buying.
What I Should Look for When Buying a 18650 Battery Charger?
-          Voltage input
-          Over voltage protection
-          Over current protection
-          Short circuit protection
-          Contrary polarity protection
-          LED lamps which tell you when the charging is complete
These are all important safety features. LED lamps may not seem like it, but not all batteries are immune to over-charging. You should always remove them when they are done charging. LED lamps will tell you when that moment comes.
How Can I Make the Most Out of My Money?
When buying a 18650 battery charger you should prevent stupid mistakes before you buy a product. So keep in mind some things:
-          What shape are your batteries?
-          Do you need a cylindrical 18650 battery charger?
-          Do I need a car adapter?
-          Would I be more comfortable with a universal 18650 battery charger?
Do not ask too many questions, though. Sometimes you will be lost in questions and become too confused about what to buy. Just outline some basic things and then look for a product. Amazon is a great place to look. For example, if you need a universal charger, you could check out the „Orbtronic 18650 Rapid Charger and Two 18650 2800mAh Protected 3.7V Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries”. Customers say that these are one of the better chargers which will also come with the batteries. You can shop around naturally for something that might more likely suit your needs.
Which Are Some of the Best Deals And 18650 Battery Chargers?
Amazon has a great selection of different 18650 battery charger devices. They can usually be bought in a combo with other batteries which makes it more affordable. Keep in mind that this is a long-term investment, since new advances in battery technology will not happen so soon. So try to make the most of your money now and find the best chargers and batteries for your needs.

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