Tuesday, May 24, 2011

UltraFire 18650 Li-Ion Batteries: Are They Worth the Money?

Are you looking for good and durable batteries? Did you hear about UltraFire 18650 Li-Ion batteries? Well, you would be missing one good product if you did not hear about them. 18650 Li-Ion batteries are generally known to be better than regular Li-Ion batteries. The 18650 cells were originally developed by Panasonic. The goal was to create a more durable battery cell which could output more energy and use fewer resources.
Although some people prefer to buy Panasonic batteries, they are usually only suitable for Panasonic products. UltraFire 18650 Li-Ion batteries are a worthy universal replacement. However, note if your product will support this type of battery, they come in different sizes and have different features and safety measures.
What Are the Technical Details of UltraFire 18650 Li-Ion batteries?
That would depend on the type of battery you choose. But since 18650 Li-Ion batteries have the same cells powering them, they also share some general features.
-          High capacity, usually around 2400 mAh
-          Reliable
-          2-4 hour charge time
-          More than 500 recharge cycles
-          Better energy output
Most of these batteries have a protection system from over-charging. That technology should not be confused with 18650 cells. They are only created to have better output, they are not safer. You should take care of them just as well as any Li-Ion battery. Some will come with a protection circuit, but do not treat them as indestructible.
What People Have to Say About UltraFire 18650 Li-Ion Batteries?
They are mostly satisfied. These are batteries like any other and more, since the 18650 Li-Ion batteries are a more advanced version of the standard Li-Ion batteries. They also come with several improvements:
-          Better heat tolerance
-          Energy conserving
-          Longer life
-          Memory-free
Any Bad Comments on UltraFire 18650 Li-Ion Batteries?
Some people naturally complain. But it is important to understand the massive ignorance present in people when it comes to technology. The only reason people are considered geeks or geniuses is because the masses do not want to learn. Some may still consider electronics and energy magical rather than scientific.
So it is no surprise that people who purchase UltraFire 18650 Li-Ion batteries complain about several things like:
-          They do not fit
-          They do not charge
-          They have short lifespan
Does This Mean That the Manufacturers Are Lying About Quality?
To clarify these comments is actually very simple if you understand what 18650 Li-Ion batteries are. UltraFire 18650 Li-Ion batteries are built in different sizes than regular AAA, AA or any other battery. If you have a product which does not fit these specifications, do not buy them. Well you can buy them, the manufacturer will not mind. But you will be at a loss.
Naturally, you will need a charger for Li-Ion batteries, not just some regular charger. You can save money by buying it in a combo with the batteries at Amazon to get a discount price.
One customer said you should have common sense to buy these cells. This is true. Most people will get the feeling just because UltraFire 18650 Li-Ion batteries are improved that they are indestructible. 18650 Li-Ion batteries are more forgiving than regular Li-Ion batteries, but you should learn how to take good care of them.
How to Take Care of My UltraFire 18650 Li-Ion Batteries?
Take care of them just like you would take care of your regular Li-Ion batteries. Do not expose them to too much heat, although UltraFire 18650 Li-Ion batteries can handle it better than regular Li-Ion batteries. Try not to over-charge them even if the product specifies that it has a protection circuit. You can never be too careful.
Will My Investment in UltraFire 18650 Li-Ion Batteries Pay Off?
If you know how to take care of them and for what products to use them, it will definitely pay off as a more durable product. You can choose the type you need on Amazon by category, since some of them are only suitable for flashlights and others for cameras or laptops. Either way, try to get the best price by buying the product with a battery charger.

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