Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Things You Need to Know 18560 Battery Holders

A battery is an important electronic accessory because it provides the source of power to an electronic machine. This keeps all the processes and functions of the user in place and running very effectively. As such, it is important that it is kept safely. 18650 batteries are manufactured together with their holders in order to increase safety of both the battery and the user.
Usually, a battery holder is a compartment that accepts a battery, a plastic case with the shape of the housing or a separate plastic that is mounted with screws, glue and other components to ensure the safety of the battery. Battery holders may have a lid depending on the brand. Hence, there are very many types and sizes of battery holders.
The major brands of 18650 battery holders include the Olight triton M30 flashlight which is frequently bought together with other items. The accompanying items involve a Tenergy multifunctional charger for the Li-ion cylindrical rechargeable batteries and 4 pieces of Tenergy Li-ion 18560 3.7V 2600 mAh rechargeable batteries with an internal PCB for flashlights and other items.
Other brands include the Fenix TK35High Performance 820 with a lumen flashlight, Olight M30 Triton MC-E LED 700 Lumens, Olight M20S Warrior Premium R5 Technical flashlight of the 320 Lumens Law Enforcement Special Edition and a Pailede 68 LED Heavy-duty compact flashlight among others. These are currently available although new brands with more unique specifications keep coming to the market each new day. There are other battery cases which can be used in the place of the battery holders or as complements. Flashlights are technical battery holders in themselves.
The technical details that you would consider are the dimensions of the battery holder and the extender.
There are many factors that are considered in obtaining any battery holder. Some include:
·         The design in terms of size and color
·         The weight of the battery and the battery holder
·         The contacts and their components
·         Polarity, reversibility and protection level offered to both the battery and the user
·         Environmental effects
18650 battery holders are usually made in an environmentally friendly manner because they do not contain a chemical content that causes harm. However, they ought to be disposed of very wisely.
The weight usually differs with the nature, type, size and weight of the battery to be held. The material of the battery holder and the components also contribute to their price. Those with a more appealing design and an attractive color also attract a high price.
It is always advisable to go for the more expensive 18650 battery holder because the higher the cost, the higher the quality in terms of appeal, material and durability of the battery holder.
Some 18650 batteries are held by a battery clip often made of lead wires on the end although these can change depending on the brand of the battery itself. Some battery holders are also made of polypropylene plastic which shields the battery from any external phenomena such as dust and water.
18650 battery holders offer protection to the user and the battery itself. They also act as an outside case in which the electronic gadget rests. Some have positions for connectivity of the machine to other gadgets and other external sources of power. They also ensure that the electronic gadget lasts longer as it lives to serve its purpose.
A Smart Choice
It is advisable that you gather as much information as possible about the type of 18650 battery holder that they want so that they buy the best that suits their needs. The prices of 18650 battery holders vary intensively and are competitive. However, cheap is expensive, hence better holders are obtained at relatively higher prices.

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