Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Best 18650 Lithium-Ion Solar Charger

When buying a suitable charger for your 18650 batteries, your priority must be to find a product with good quality and relatively low price.

There are several manufacturers of the 18650 lithium-ion solar charger but very few provide the high quality products that Orbtronic USA does. Orbtronic is a well-known name in the rechargeable battery industry and provides a vast variety of rechargeable batteries and chargers of high quality. It has two brands available in 18650 lithium-ion solar charger. The first is the Orbtronic Rapid Dual Channel Battery Charger for Li-ion 18650 Battery available with 4 high-capacity 2800mAh 3.7V 18650 Protected Batteries. It comes with a car adaptor and is a product of superior quality.

In addition to this brand, Orbtronic has a Orbtronic Rapid Charger with Two CR2 800mAh 3V Lithium Li-ion Rechargeable Battery that comes with Wall-Car (110V/240V/12V) Adapters. This particular brand has a relatively lower price than the first which may attract customers looking for cheaper options.

The 18650 lithium-ion solar charger by Orbtronic comes with the following features.

  • A high quality charger that gets your 18650 and 17650 Li-ion batteries charged quickly and efficiently.
  • It has a dual channel.
  • It is perfect for use with flashlights, torches and lasers with 18650 and 17650 batteries which need to be recharged frequently.
  • There is built-in end-of-charge voltage detection ensuring that the battery is fully charged.
  • It has an over-voltage protector that prevents damage from over voltage and sudden changes in voltage.
  • There are two completely separate individual charging channels.
  • Additional protection for reverse polarity.
  • Charging the battery is quick and complete.

  • Method for charging the battery is CC/CV.
  • It comes with an 110V/240V Wall adapter.
  • 12V Car Adapter is also part of the pack can charge your batteries when driving.


Another brand that customers love is the Tenergy 2-Channel 18650/14500 Li-ion Battery Charger. Tenergy is a Chinese manufacturer that has a whole range of products in this range. This particular charger comes with 2 Li-ion 18650 Cylindrical 3.7V 2600mAh Rechargeable Batteries.

·         It has two separate charging channels.

·         Charging mode involves constant passage of current and voltage.

·         There is special reverse polarity protection with a red flashing light indicating reverse polarity.

·         The batteries provided are rechargeable.

·         Special PCB protection controls voltage.




When selecting a charger for your 18650 lithium-ion batteries, it is best to go for quality rather than price. A product by a reputable company may cost you comparatively more but will last you a lifetime. With the two available brands in Orbtronic 18650 lithium-ion solar charger, making a choice depends on the particular specifications that you need in your charger. A major difference between the two brands in addition to the better quality of Orbtronic Rapid Dual Channel Battery Charger for Li-ion 18650 Battery is the battery type that it comes with. These batteries are 3.7V with 2800 mAh capacity. In comparison, the second brand comes with 3V batteries and a capacity of 800 mAh which is relatively low.

When selecting an 18650 lithium ion solar charger there is certain important features that your choice of product must have.
    1. Durability and toughness.
    2. Ease of use.
    3. The ability to charge batteries quickly.
    4. Protection from voltage variations.
    5. Safety features that prevent accidents and electric shocks.
    6. A charger that comes with free batteries.
Customer reviews:
Customer reviews show that the Orbtronic 18650 lithium-ion solar charger works amazingly fast with zero problems. Several customers have complained about the quality of other cheaper brands that they bought. In comparison, they find that Orbtronic products are high quality, easy to use and with great customer support. The 18650 lithium-ion solar charger by Tenergy is also a bestseller among customers due to the lower price. Most customers like the smaller compact size of the charger that makes it easy to carry around.

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