Thursday, December 22, 2011

A brief introduction to aw 18650

The reasons to go for this!

This form of 18650 lithium battery lasts far longer than any other form of lithium ion battery. This type of battery can fit easily in to all those forms of devices that do not have springs in the battery area. It does not specifically need a magnet button to stay in place and perform its function.

The added form of security comes in a variety of ways. It is manufactured with a chip on the cell. This chip helps to control the aw 18650 batteries and keep the charging limit in check. It makes sure that the battery does not charge more than what was necessary. If the battery charges over its limit then the chemical equilibrium inside the battery will be disturbed and this will cause an explosion. If the cell is not fully charged even then it presents another challenge. The incomplete charging of the cell disrupts the equilibrium of the cell. It becomes highly unstable and cannot be re used. The chip automatically closes the cell once the cell is used over its potential.

Technical specifications
  • Higher degree of protection
  • Lithium ion rechargeable batteries
  • It has a very trendy and one of a kind design
  • Higher degree of quality assurance because it is manufactured under the laws of ISO9001-2000
  • It can power all the devices that need up to 3.7 v of power

Special Features

This aw battery has a PCB protective layering that ensures that it remains an extremely safe gadget when in use. In order to recharge the battery, we need to use its own specified charger. It has a button top which is one of its main selling features along with many others. The button top makes it compatible with many devices this helps in diversity of uses for which the battery can be used.

These cells can not be used in groups or packs. If people want to build packs then these aw cells are not for you. The PCB protection is not sufficient to counter the affect of these cells working as a group.

Reviews of this product

This product has had a fair amount of good aw 18650 consumer reviews. Many people were impressed by the time for which they could discharge and keep working efficiently till their charging decreased to a minimal value.

But there have been certain customer reviews that have tainted this products credibility and performance. There were claims that the overload circuit failed to protect the battery form over charging. Once the aw battery was charged completely it would not discharge, the over load switch backfired. Moreover the charging of this battery has to be overlooked. It can not be left un-attended. If it is left unattended then the battery might over charge. There were also a few mentioned problems about the size of the batteries. Although the button top helps in diversifying its use, it has to be noted that diameter of the batteries is a notch bigger than the ordinary batteries. This results in the battery’s use to some what decrease. 

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