Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top 18650 Rechargeable Cells

There are many different kinds of ways that you can save on energy today. As we know that every light bulb will finally burn out, we are also aware that during the lifetime of the cell - at any arbitrary moment, 1 in 100,000 li-ion cells will either blow up or catch fire. So for this reason advancement was put up a couple of years back, known as printed circuit board, (PCB).
The protection PCB (printed circuit board) prevents the li-ion cell from being over or undercharged, both conditions are dangerous for li-ion battery. PCBs are often gold-plated with 50 micro inches of hard gold which can be seen on the underside of the PCB when you look at the Tenergy battery. As positive terminal is just ordinary metal, the negative is gold.
Features of Tenergy 18650;
Product Description:
Tenergy Multifunctional Charger for Li-ion Cylindrical Rechargeable Batteries with 18650 Li-ion 3.7V Batteries is a superb charger for 1 or 2 pieces cylindrical Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) accessible with 17650/ 18650 / 18650 (protected) batteries. It’s a rapid charger as compare to its alternative models.
·         Model: SC-S2
This charger is a gifted charger especially designed to charge rechargeable 18650 17650 Lithium-Ion batteries. Li-ion 17650 / 18650 and Li-ion 18650 (PCB prevention)
Input: 12V DC 1200mA (min)
Output: 4.2VDC 1000mA*1 1000mA *2
2 pieces Individual LED represents:
BLUE ON - Stand by
RED ON - Battery Charging
BLUE ON - Charge complete
·         Detection about charging end guarantees the safe and full charge any time
·         Short-circuit guard
·         High voltage cut-off prevention - prevents harm to battery due to high voltage
·         Complete personal channels - ease of use; prevents 2 batteries charge together
·         Charge technique: CC/CV - Charge battery fully and rapidly
·         Reverse polarity prevention - prevents harms to your battery and charger
Nominal capacity of Tenergy 18650 rechargeable batteries comes in 2600 mAh, Minimum 2450 mAh, with Internal PCB (printed circuit board) protection. Printed circuit board prevents under-voltage at 2.5V and over-voltage at 4.25V both the scenarios. Dimensions of Tenergy 18650 include the diameter of 18+/-0.2 mm, Height 66+/- 0.2mm and weight (Typically) Approximately 46 gram.
Special caution should be used when working with Li-ion cells; they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may blow up if wrongly handled. Keep in mind user has enough information on Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before using them. The batteries should be kept in fire-proof container during charging not on wood surface or carpet.
Product Characteristics
·         Internal PCB protection prevents under-voltage at 2.5V and over-voltage at 4.25V.
·         Dimensions: Diameter 18+/-0.2 mm Height 66+/- 0.2mm
·         Higher energy density and lower weight than other types rechargeable batteries
·         Building portable power device needing high energy density and low weight
·         Cycle Performance: 90% of initial capacity at 400 cycles, Cycle life: > 500 cycles.
Customer reviews;
Feedback and opinions show that Tenergy 18650 successfully obtaining the huge response from its consumers. Errors are witnessed at neglect able quotient. The Tenergy 18650 are available in 2000, 2200, 2600 and 3000 but 2600 with PCB is gaining popularity rapidly because of its durability as compare to other rechargeable batteries. PCB provides a security to its users from losing their appliances due to over or under charging. That is the main reason mostly users go for Tenergy 18650 2600 with PCB. The results are magnificent when used in flash lights or any other appliances. Some users faced problems also regarding the weight and thickness of batteries as they faced conflict between the dimensions quoted and perceived after usage but still it is highly acknowledged by a number of customers.

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