Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Best 18650 Battery

Now a days we have come across different experiences of 18650 batteries for our gadgets and portable devices like Music Players, Flash Lights and various other digital devices. Buying and buying the disposable batteries is a bit annoying and some times an over burden on our wallet so why don’t move towards rechargeable batteries as this a wise choice and not expensive as well.

The best buy in this particular category are many but the Sanyo 18650 can be considered as the real worth for your money and time. You can now stay powered for longer by using this small but magnificent item. These are eco-friendly and green power concept oriented.

Key Benefits & Features

Sanyo 18650 are the bet among the tribe as they are being in use of many people and the customers are really happy with the fringe benefits of the product. The lesser burden on pocket is always welcomed and when the matter is like cost efficiency with greater performance every one goes to get it. The main benefits can be arranges as they are

-     higher energy density with optimized electrodes design
-          low-priced in the long run
-          long-lasting
-          durable
-          quick recharging
-          high battery safety
-          free from leakage of liquid electrolyte
-          easily available
-          environment friendly as compared to disposable batteries
-          reduced/no memory effects

Benefits are only enjoyable when then the products are worthy and able to provide peace of mind to the customer or user. Many Benefits are never experienced due to slighter information about the particular product and wrong usage can cause the lesser performance of product same in this the things which should be kept in mind are

Things to Know
      -    Never leave batteries unattended when charging
-          Never use old batteries with new one
-          Put the batteries in fire-proof container
-          Do not dispose off in fire or Leak
-          Store in cool place
-          Off course they have a shelf life, check before you buy
-          Check for Genuine Batteries
-          Use Same company Batteries for better performance
-          Do not put batteries on wood surface or carpet when charging
-          Never try to modify the batteries as it may result bad

The bulleted points are the general guidelines for using the rechargeable batteries like Sanyo 18650. However the better care always ends in better result. Using the rechargeable batteries is always a wiser choice because they long last and handy to charge the batteries right away with the help of various types of chargers available like the amazing option of solar energy charger or car charging kits etc.

Paying more or getting more
The products from good companies always cost a little high than those of unknown brands because the promise of best performance and reliable product underneath their brand name. No doubt the unknown brands can be bought in comparatively cheap rates but the performance and reliability becomes question mark in this case. Why should one save some bucks when he knows that it will be going to frustration and dissatisfaction in the end. On the one hand it is being said that the rechargeable batteries are long-lasting and best worth for money but on the other hand some one goes for saving a little amount by purchasing unknown brands resulting poor results. So one time higher cost is giving the better payback with the greater peace of mind ultimately.

Customer Reviews    
This battery (Sanyo 18650) holds its charge and compares well against competitors and is a reliable product as it can be used in camera’s, toys and other type of electronic items running on batteries. Quick recharge time and long-lasting. These batteries are safe and good in performance. The charger is easily available in the market for these batteries.

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