Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Learning About Rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 Batteries

With the usage of electronic gadgets increasing in our daily lives, so has the demand for the different accessories we need for them. Especially when it comes to battery operated devices, people always need to be on the lookout to see that the batteries are still intact. In many cases, people realize they need to change batteries right in the middle of a critical situation. Moreover, a lot of people get tired of the need to replace batteries all the time because they find it a tedious task. For many, it is a repetitive expense that they are not too keen on making nor have the time for.
This is where the rechargeable batteries have capitalized very successfully and have become popular among people. Now by buying a set of batteries, they don’t have to worry about running to the hardware store every time the batteries run out. All they need to do is to recharge them right at their homes. Among the rechargeable batteries themselves, there are certain categories that outdo the rest and Li-ion or Lithium-ion battery is one of them. With a number of Li-ion battery brands available in the market, it sometimes gets hard for the buyers to decide which brand is a better choice.
Which Brand To Go For
Basing the judgment on online reviews and the amazon.com bestseller list, one brand that has managed to garner a lot of appreciation and popularity are the rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 batteries. Some of its better known types are:
-          2400 MaH – These batteries are used in flashlights and are even soldered together to form the batteries for laptops. When charged fully, they can produce power up to 4.2 Volts for a short time. The rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 batteries are considered to be strong batteries since their usage is mostly in high-power CREE and SSC flashlights.

-          2600 MaH – These button top batteries are also among the popular rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 batteries. They are lightweight and extremely energy efficient. They are especially recommended for flashlights and cameras.

-          3000 MaH – These rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 batteries are also great for any gadget. They are rechargeable and much cheaper than the 2400 MaH. Its power output is 3000 MaH, which is quite enough for a number of devices. On amazon.com, this 3.7 Volts battery is among the bestsellers and is reviewed quite highly.
Why The Rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 Batteries
With a lot of cheaper brands of rechargeable batteries, especially the Li-ion ones, available in the markets everywhere, a relevant question is why the rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 batteries? What makes them stand apart from the rest of the brands?
To some people the rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 batteries will seem expensive, with two 2400 MaH batteries costing around $30. Similarly, the 3000 MaH rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 batteries cost around $15.34 with charger.  
What you need to consider, however, is the fact that since these batteries are protected lithium ion batteries, they keep your devices safe from charge deposit. Moreover, the internal protection for the circuit prevents it from overcharging. The 2400 MaH rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 batteries can particularly be used with high-draining gadgets like the CREE and SSC LED flashlights. Another thing to keep in mind is that that they come with a digital charger, which turns off automatically once the batteries are charged up to 4.2 Volts.
The 2600 MH button top batteries are also great for a number of applications due to the Li-ion protection and are used in a large number of devices. They cost around $8.95 for one battery without charger.
How they rate among the competition
To see how these rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 batteries are rated among the competitors, one should see the amazon.com ratings where both of these types are among the bestsellers. Although the 2400 MaH is unrated yet, it is still one of the most selling types of rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 batteries.
On the other hand, the 2600 MaH has been rated 100 percent among the bestsellers brought forward by the brand, while the 3000 MaH rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 batteries also fall in the list.

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