Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Knowing About 18650 Flashlights

 Flashlights are an essential part of every household these days. Especially for people who have suffered through power breakdowns and know how spooky darkness can seem like, it is necessary to own a flashlight. Since it is easy to carry around, it acts like a savior in certain situations. Whether it is used by people for domestic purposes, for travel or even for professional use, a flashlight is perhaps one of the most important inventions for all of them. For anyone who doesn’t own one and wants to know more about them, one of the most important things to consider is which flashlight to buy.
The most imperative thing to consider in a flashlight is the nature of its battery. Many people make the mistake of buying flashlights whose batteries do not last for long and as a result, they quickly run out of power. This can especially be a problem when you are travelling or are stuck in an emergency situation only to realize that your flashlight is out of battery. This is why the 18650 flashlight is the best type of flashlights to buy because their batteries can easily be recharged after use. Thus whenever you go out of the house or need one in case of a power breakdown, you can be assured that they can be recharged easily.
Types of 18650 Flashlights
The 18650 flashlight might be available in the market in a larger range and variety, but the most popularly used types are:
-          The cylindrical flashlight – This is the most common type of flashlight to be found in houses and is the first one to come in people’s minds as soon as they hear the name flashlight. Since most of these are battery operated, using rechargeable 18650 batteries will make them run for a longer time. Moreover, you can save money by not having to purchase batteries over and over again. These are available in normal as well as LED bulbs. Ultrafire WF-139 and Surefire M3LT Combatlight are some of the popular cylindrical flashlights.
-          The tactical flashlight – These flashlights are normally used by army or police personnel. It is known for its compact size and easy portability. Usually the army or police personnel hold it in one hand with the weapon in their other had. Due to the usage of rechargeable batteries, they stand out for their durability. The 18650 batteries also make it possible for them to be carried on any mission without taking a supply of batteries in case the flashlight runs out of power. Olight M3X Triton Cree Xlamp XM-L and the Streamlight NightFighter are popular tactical flashlights.

Besides these, there are a number of other types of flashlights, but the usage of 18650 batteries is not too common in them.
Why buy 18650 Flashlights
The biggest advantage of 18650 flashlight is the usage of rechargeable batteries that are not only easy on the pocket for the users but also have a number of other advantages:
-          The 18650 flashlight is quite lightweight due to the Li-ion batteries used in them.
-          The battery discharge rate is considerably lower than any other type of battery.
-          Because it is rechargeable, it can be easily carried around any place and is the best thing to carry for any adventure trip.
What to look for in 18650 flashlight
When buying a 18650 flashlight, you should keep in mind a few important factors:
-          Where will you mostly need it?
-          How big or small a flashlight do you need?
-          Do you need bright light?
-          Is budget a constraint for you?
If a flashlight fills all your requirements but seems expensive to you, always remember that any good and reliable brand with charge for its name. However, the end product you will get will be right on the money. In any case, you need a 18650 flashlight mostly in situations where its use is inevitable, whether it is a power breakdown emergency or an adventure you are out on.
Which are the best 18650 flashlights to go for?
According to amazon.com, the bestselling 18650 flashlight models are:

-          Olight M30 Triton Special Operations 700 Lumens Tactical Flashlight – Although it is still unrated by the users, the response received by this 18650 flashlight can be guessed by the fact that it is among the bestsellers on the website. Its bright light and compact size make it a practical flashlight to be carried by any adventurer or troops on their duty.


-          FlashMax X950 - CREE LED Flashlight – This 18650 flashlight is not for casual usage and is better for places where high-power light is needed. This is perfect for adventures, mountaineering, trekking and even for use during power breakdowns.

-          JETBeam RRT-2 Raptor Creee R2 Flashlight – Receiving 100 percent reviews from the customers on amazon.com, this 18650 flashlight stands out for its brightness and is ideal for use for military and police personnel.

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