Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What to Look for When Buying 18650 Cell Batteries

Batteries today must be long-lasting and rechargeable. Times when we threw away batteries are long gone. But people should learn the difference between the many battery types on the market. This way, you will save more money buying batteries, because you will not make the wrong choices.
Some of the more popular batteries today are 18650 cell batteries. They are durable and reliable. You will hardly have any problems with them, but you still need to take care of them properly. You might get defective products when you place your orders, but that is not very common with 18650 cell batteries.
However, this is exactly why you should choose to go through a respected vendor like Amazon. Everybody knows their customer support service is excellent and if you get a defective product, you will get a new one.
How is 18650 Cell Technology Different than Li-Ion Batteries?
It is not really different; the 18650 cell batteries are still placed in the category of Li-Ion Batteries. However, they have some improvements.
-          More durability
-          Fewer resources are used to produce better performance
-          Secure cells which do not fall apart easily
-          More energy output
-          Better capacity
They are also safer and you are allowed to make more errors with them. Usually they come with over-charge protection circuits and they also have several protection circuits concerning voltage. However, never practice irresponsibility. Always make sure you do not over-charge your batteries. Even protection circuits have their limits.
Are the 18650 Cell Batteries Safe to Use?
The 18650 cell is basically very safe. However, do not consider it to be perfect. The cells can still get damaged if you do not take care of them properly. It is everybody's responsibility to take care of their own batteries so you should know some things about keeping them alive.
-          Do not expose to direct sunlight. Many laptops run on Li-Ion batteries and people place them too often near windows which heat them up constantly.
-          Keep in refrigerator for best storage
-          Do not keep in refrigerator forever
-          Do not charge in refrigerator. When charging these batteries on low temperatures, you are risking destruction of many cells. This is when you say good-bye to the longevity of the product.
-          Do not over-charge. When the LED lamp on the charger says they are finished, put them out.
The 18650 cell is more durable than other types of Li-Ion battery cells. Even tourists who carry them in their cameras around all day in all-weather conditions make this claim. But take care of them, especially when it comes to charging them. Do not blame the short lifespan on the manufacturer. If you do not know how to handle 18650 cell batteries, do not buy them. If you think you can take care of them properly with the knowledge you now have, they are strongly suggested.
What Are Some Good 18650 Cell Manufacturers?
Panasonic created the original 18650 cell technology. Although their batteries are not popular and available in cell battery form on the market, they have some specifically designed 18650 cell batteries for their products.
Other good manufacturers are:
-          UltraFire
-          TrustFire
-          Tenergy
What Customers Say About the 18650 Cell Technology?
Most people are very happy and say things like:
-          “amazing durability”
-          “good quality, good price”
-          “best battery purchase”
-          Many more
But some people are not happy. Why not? Mostly they got defective products and rather wrote down a bad comment than contacted customer support. People claim that their batteries can just stop recharging after a while, but this is not very credible. If you want to avoid being one of the people who are not happy with 18650 cell batteries, learn how to take care of them properly. That way, there will be no other option than being happy with the product.
Where to Buy 18650 Cell Batteries?
Amazon is one of the most popular markets today. Whenever buying technical stuff, you want good customer support. So go to Amazon to shop around and find the best product for you. You will be calm knowing that you can return it if necessary.

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