Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Best Li-Ion 18650 Battery Brands

Much like any other product that people buy these days, even electronic accessories come under brand names which all have their own pros and cons. Especially in terms of batteries, these brands are basically indicators to define which among these is better from the rest and why. Almost every electronic item we see and use these days is operated with a battery, may it be our cell phone, laptop, car, camera and countless other items. Therefore, knowing the right brand of batteries is very important for each of us.
Coming far ahead from the time when the batteries were supposed to be for one-time use, manufacturers have now been producing rechargeable batteries extensively. These batteries are a one-time expense that people need to make. For a long time after that, they can easily be reused by recharging them. The 18650 batteries, which rely on lithium ions’ movement from one terminal to another, have come to be one of the most popular types in terms of usage and production. With a large number of people using these batteries for various electronic gadgets, the best rated Li-ion 18650 batteries are available in a number of categories, which are:
Small cylindrical battery – This type of Li-ion battery has a solid body and is made without terminals. It is mostly used in gadgets such as 18650 flashlight and even laptops. Popular brands include Tenergy, AW 18650 battery and rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 batteries.

-          Large cylindrical battery – Also a solid bodied battery, it has large size terminals that are threaded. It is mostly available in China-made brands.
Pouch battery – The pouch battery is flat and has a soft make. This type of battery is mostly used in mobile phones. The popular brands include Sony and LG.

-          Prismatic – It also has large sized terminals that are threaded. It is encased inside a semi-hard casing and is generally used in packs for vehicle traction.
Besides the fact that Li-ion batteries can be recharged again and again, they also have a number of other advantages which make them a good option for anyone:
-          They are available in a large range of sizes and capacities, making it easier to fit them in the gadgets that require them.
-          Considerably lightweight in comparison to other external batteries.
-          The self discharge rate is around 5 to 10 percent monthly, much lesser than the commonly used nickel metal hydride battery (30 percent a month).
-          Safe for the environment due to the fact that the lithium metal is not exposed in any way.
Before buying the batteries, however, one should consider what purpose one buying them for because the choice of batteries will depend on the purpose they are needed for. While buying the batteries, one should look for the ones that have self-discharge. This is because there have been bad examples of substandard Li-ion batteries that seemed to be self-discharging but were actually losing their capacity to perform. This is why it is always advisable to go for the best rated Li-ion 18650 batteries because although they charge more than the average batteries, they save the user from any worries.

There are a number of Li-ion 18650 battery brands such as Tenergy, AW 18650 battery, LG, rechargeable Ultrafire 18650 batteries etc. According to amazon.com, three of the best rated Li-ion 18650 batteries in the U.S. include:
Tenergy – Being the topmost in terms of user ratings on amazon.com, the Tenergy batteries are also the most expensive of the lot. However, the price becomes secondary considering the five-star rating its 3.7 volts battery has received from the users. The feedback shows that the battery has been able to garner 100 percent customer satisfaction. They have not only received positive reviews for packaging but also for the fact that they don’t heat up that quickly. As a result, the devices can be used for a longer time.

2.      Obtronic – Also receiving five star rating from the users, this brand of batteries was found to have the highest energy density and was praised by the users. Only one of the users mentioned it being the same in use as the China-made batteries.
LG – The LG battery cells are another one of the best rated Li-ion 18650 batteries that have received good reviews from the users. It can be utilized for multiple purposes, with a greater density for energy and a design for optimizing electrodes. It can be used for cameras, 18650 flashlight and e-books as well.

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